Aqua Grow Pebbles 6kg Bag

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Aqua-Grow pebbles

NEW 6kg. Bag

Aqua -Grow pebbles do three jobs in one.

These porous pebbles look good, they weight the pot and most importantly the bacteria they host will release nitrates back to the plant.

Aqua-Grow is a power station by-product; ideal to use as a topping for pond plants to keep soil in the planter.

Each porous granule has four-to-eight times the surface area of pea gravel. Healthy bacteria live in this porous structure and they convert nitrites in the water into nitrate, which in turn will feed your plants.

Some plants such as iris, scirpus and typha will grow when solely planted in the Aqua-Grow.

Aqua-Grow is widely used in natural swimming lakes to help keep water clean.  It works best when natural bacteria is present in the pond.

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  • Quantity 6kg Bag
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