Bio-Gro Black Gold + Invigorator Duo Pack

£21.90 each

SAVE £7 WITH THIS DUO PACK!  400g Tub of Bio-Gro Black Gold AND Bio-Gro Plant Health Invigorator 500ml for just £21.90!

Bio-Gro Black Gold is a natural, concentrated Seaweed fertiliser that supplements the plant and boosts its health. It's fully soluble and a 400g tub will make up to 800 litres of super rich plant feed! Read More

Bio-Gro Plant Health Invigorator 500ml:
Plant health invigorator is a natural, non-chemical plant growth supplement which is suitable for use all-round the garden. Not only does this invogorator boost the health of your plants, but it also makes it more resistant to insects, pests and fungal diseases, as well as suppressing them. 500ml pack makes up to 110 gallons/500 litres. Bio-Gro Banishes Pests Including -White Fly-Thrips-Red Spider Mite-Black Fly-Snails-Slugs. Read More

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Catalogue Number 1090-9131
  • Quantity 1 Tub Black Gold + Invigorator 500ml
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