EcoSure Pond Clear by Envii

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The new and exclusive EcoSure Pond Clear by Envii is a revelation in cleaning your pond. Unlike regular pond cleaners, which usually work in water temperatures of 10-12°C, EcoSure Pond Clear by Envii acts in temperatures as low as 4°C, so that you can start cleaning your pond earlier or later in the season and have a crystal clear pond for much longer!

Warm weather will encourage algae and blanket weed growth in your pond and, with the seasons changing, you want to make sure that this is kept at bay or is easy to clear. With the use of EcoSure Pond Clear by Envii, you can tackle the cause of unwanted matter and enjoy a much cleaner and clearer pond for longer.

Many different organics will build up in your pond over time, whether it be leaves falling from the trees or old fish food, and the process of delay will introduce substances such as phosphorous, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, turning your pond into an unsightly mess.

With a double-strength formula, EcoSure Pond Clear by Envii tablets are fully dissolvable and contain specially selected strains of bacteria which have been chosen for their ability to effectively breakdown the organic waste in ponds that cause them to go from crystal-clear to green and unattractive. It also targets nitrates and phosphates as well as breaks down the sticky and hard-to-remove sludge which has a tendency to build up on the side and along the bottom of your pond.

Depending on the level of organics, results of the EcoSure Pond Clear by Envii can be seen in as little as two weeks, however if your pond has heavy algae blooms then it will take around four-to-six weeks for it to take effect and may require additional doses.

What’s more, EcoSure Pond Clear by Envii is harmless to fish, pets and wildlife, so you can clean your pond without the worry of damaging your surroundings.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4146
  • Quantity 1 pack of 4 tablets

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  • £14.99 each
    • Quantity: 1 pack of 4 tablets
    • Catalogue No.: 1090-4146
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£14.99 each
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