EcoSure Pond Clear by Envii

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Make your pond water clear in water temperature as low as 4 degrees Celsius from early in the year and get a head start on your green-water making algae.

Watch the water of your small pond go from green to clear in weeks! This non-chemical treatment in dissolvable tablet from EcoSure Pond Clear by Envii treats 20,000 litre ponds (around 15-20 square metres) with just four tablets.

EcoSure Pond Clear by Envii is a natural solution based on live microbes which eliminate nitrates in the pond, which algae feeds on. This starves the algae that turns the water green, clearing your pond removes high-level nitrates that poison and injure fish and foul the water.

Here's what to do
Place tablets in 5 litres of pondwater. 1 tablet per 5000 litres of water. Small ponds up to 8 square metres take 1 tablet, up to 12 square metres takes 2 tablets, up to 20 square metres takes 4 tablets and up to 30 square metres takes 8 tablets.

Though effective from 4 degrees Celsius the higher the temperature the better, so try to do this on a sunny day when the sun has warmed up the water.

Leave for 1-2 hours and give the 5 litre solution a mix. Pour into the pond slowly around the surface of the pond.

How long can I expect to see results
Sometimes it take days or up to a few weeks to see results, sometimes it takes longer, depending on a number of factors including water temperature, fish population and weather. Every pond is unique in its composition of nutrients and nitrates which means the time it takes to clear your pond of green algae, blanketweed and scum varies.

After 4-6 weeks, repeat the process above if the green water persists. To maintain a clear pond, apply a further dose three months later or the following spring.

Eco-Sure Pond Clear by Envii can be stored in a cool well-aired place for up to twelve months later.

Help keep your pond healthy too by introducing lots of pond plants which produce oxygen.

Keep levels of tap water, often high in fluoride and calcium, to a minimum when topping your pond up by using stored rainwater when you can.

For tips on How to Use, please CLICK HERE to download our PDF.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4146
  • Quantity 1 pack of 4 tablets

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  • £14.99 each
    • Quantity: 1 pack of 4 tablets
    • Catalogue No.: 1090-4146
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£14.99 each
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