EcoSure Pond Clear - Medium

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Keep a medium pond healthy for fish and wildlife, and clear all season. Treats 20,000 litre ponds (e.g. L7m x W3m x D1m or 5m diameter x D1m).

EcoSure Pond Clear is a natural solution, harmless to humans and other animals, that adds natural organisms to your pond to keep your pond healthy by doing two things:

  • starves the algae that turns the water green, clearing your pond
  • removes high-level nitrates that poison and injure fish and foul the water

Here's what to do

The best thing to do is check your nitrate levels from the start with the FREE EcoSure® Pond Clear Aqua Plus Nitrate Testing Kit worth £3.95 with every pack. Only when the nitrate levels are zero does the green-water-forming algae starve.

How long can I expect to see results

Every pond is unique in its composition of nutrients and nitrates which means the time it takes to clear your pond of green algae, blanketweed and scum varies. Sometimes it takes up to a few weeks to see results, sometimes it takes longer, depending on water temperature, fish population and weather.

Simply apply a dose according to the instructions on the pack and repeat the dose if necessary. 

Eco-Sure® Pond Clear Aqua Plus's long shelf life means it can be stored in a cool well-aired place for up to twelve months later.

Please note: The optimal water temperature for EcoSure® Pond Clear Aqua Plus to work is between 10 & 13°C. In colder temperatures it will continue to work although it may take longer for visible effect.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4259
  • Quantity Sufficient for 20,000 litre pond

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£11.99 each
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