EcoSure Small Pond Clear Twin Pack

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Powder treatment to make ponds clear again in 3-4 weeks

Watch the water of your small pond go from green to clean in weeks and SAVE money! This non-chemical powder treatment treats 10,000 litre ponds (around 8-12 square metres).

  • Safe for fish, wildlife, pets and children
  • Lessens blanketweed, nitrates and sludge build-up
  • Great for fish ponds, koi ponds, ornamental ponds and self-contained water features
  • Easy to use - no mess, no nuisance measuring, no unpleasant chemicals

Eco-Sure helps curtail algae growth by removing the nutrients algae needs to flourish.

Why your pond goes green

Floating green scum, blanketweed and silkweed are the most common types of green algae. Green algae needs nitrates to increase; if you have a lot of green algae you have a lot of nitrates in your water.

What causes nitrates in your pond 

Nitrates come about if;

*your pond is in full sun and has little shade

*there are too many nutrients from fertiliser run-off, overfeeding of fish, falling leaves and animal waste

What does EcoSure do to nitrates?

The bacteria in EcoSure digests and absorbs organic matter from all areas of your pond.

With no organic matter, there is nothing for algae to convert to nitrates and with no nitrates all green algae dies.

Here's what you do

Place the powder in 5 litres of pondwater. The higher the temperature the better, so try to do this on a sunny day when the sun has warmed up the water.

Leave for 2-4 hours and give the 5 litre solution a mix. Pour into the pond slowly around the whole surface of the pond. 

How long can you expect to see results

It takes up to a few weeks to see results in some cases, sometimes it takes longer, depending on water temperature, fish population and weather, and how green your pond is from the outset.

For quicker results

* Don't feed fish during the summer

* Ensure pondwater is 10°C or above

* Provide shade to the pond surface

Every pond is unique in its composition of nutrients and nitrates which means the time it takes to clear your pond of green algae, blanketweed and scum varies. 

After 4-6 weeks, repeat the process above if the green water persists. To maintain a clear pond, apply a further 5g three months later or the following spring.

Eco-Sure's long shelf life means it can be stored in a cool well-aired place for up to twelve months later.

More tips for on-going good pond health

Introduce lots of pond plants which produce oxygen.

Keep levels of tap water, often high in fluoride and calcium to a minimum when topping your pond up by using stored rainwater. 

Please note: The ideal water temperature for EcoSure Pond Clear to work is between 10 & 13°C. In colder temperatures it will continue to work although it may take longer before you see a notable difference.

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