Encarsia parasitic wasp, whitefly bio control

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Put a stop to whitefly attacks in your greenhouse simply by adding these easy-to-apply cards containing parasitic wasp Encarsia formosa, the effective biological pest control.

When temperatures in your greenhouse rise in spring to 12°C (54°F) small female parasitic wasps become active and search out pesky whitefly larvae into which they lay eggs. This mummifies and renders the whiteflies inactive, as the wasp eggs hatch and the young wasps emerge.

Whiteflies damage a number of flowers including fuchsias and pelargoniums (tender geraniums) and a range of other houseplants as well as indoor vegetable crops like cucumbers and tomatoes.

Encarsia formosa parasitic wasp also attacks the greenhouse pest the cotton/ sweet potato whitefly Bemisia tabaci which harms tender greenhouse crops.    

Separate cards along perforated strip and aviod handling the black scales in the centre of the cards.

Simply hang cards around your greenhouse out of direct sunlight, when the spring arrives and temperatures rise to above 12°C (54°F).

Where possible attach card to plant stem, out of direct sunlight concentrating cards in areas where whitefly is present.

Regular fortnightly introductions from spring until autumn provide best results.

This product can be applied in conjunction with physically acting sprays such as SB Plant Invigorator to provide improved levels of control.

1 x strip of 5 cards

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  • Quantity 1 strip of 5 cards
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