Gro-Sure Multi-Purpose Lawn Seed 15m2

£6.99 each

Buy this lawn seed as an inexpensive way of creating a lush lawn, whatever you are using it for.

Whether you’re creating a lawn as a playing area or purely for visual impact to complement your lovely flowerbeds, this multi-purpose lawn seed does the job.

And you can use this seed to repair wear and tear of existing lawns, which means you achieve all-over green grass however long you’ve had your garden.

We recommend that you use 30g per square metre during April to September when grass is most responsive to growth and the weather conditions are ideal. You can apply by hand or seed distributor.

Just apply seed, water the area after sowing with a sprinkler, and water again during dry periods to ensure the ground is continually moist. Do this and you’ll get a full and lush green lawn for a gorgeous garden.

  • Hard wearing lawn seed
  • Creates a lush, green durable lawn
  • Ideal for establishing new lawns & over-seeding existing lawns

How to Use

Apply by hand on well-prepared, fertilised soil for new lawns - suitable for most lawns

Where to Use

Can be used for a new lawn or to overseed an old lawn

When to Use

Apply April to September at 30g/sq.m


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Catalogue Number 1090-2033
  • Quantity 1x 15m2 box

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£6.99 each
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