Insect Barrier Glue

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Easy-to-apply and effective insect and pest barrier on your ornamental and fruiting trees, and gardens containers. The barrier glue puts off insects like female winter moths and other pests from getting to the top of the trees, or into containers to lay eggs.

Eliminate the problem of hatching caterpillars which eat the young leaves in the following spring, causing serious damage to growing trees.

The climbing adult insects just have to abort their egg-laying mission. They probe the glue with their antennae and turn back.

The barrier glue is particularly suitable for a whole range of trees, or even garden pots; just apply a ring of barrier glue in autumn on the trunk of all your favourite garden trees. By the time the adult moths start to climb the trunk, the barrier glue is all set to stop them in their tracks.

If you’re applying the barrier glue to garden pots, you can apply it any time.

One tube contains glue for 5m of band, so you’ll have plenty to serve your garden trees and pots. It has a thumb-push dispenser mechanism for easy and controlled application.


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Catalogue Number 1090-2085
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