Marshalls Shrub and Tree Plant Food Concentrate

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Put your prize garden shrubs and trees in good stead when planting in autumn and treat them to this high-nutrient feed with promotes a strong network of roots and vigorous stems.

Fast-acting liquid feed, providing your shrubs and trees with all the major nutrients and trace elements.

Simply add this liquid feed to water at a dilution of 1 ½ capfuls to 4 ½ litres of water and add to the base of your tree or shrub. The high phosphorous formula means that the feed gets to the roots of the plant to produce a strong and vigorous root network for optimum absorption of nutrients and water in the soil.

Store in a cool frost-free location such as your shed or garage and this concentrate liquid feed will last you for a long time.

N:P:K  3:6:3

Quantity: 1 litre

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Catalogue Number 1090-4214
  • Quantity 1x 1 litre bottle

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£5.99 each
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