Mosskade Liverwort, Moss and Algae Eliminator

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Winner of the Best Professional Product at Four Oaks Trade Show. This product supersedes our EcoSure GreenOff.

Mosskade is an easy-to-apply natural liquid agent that not only works against algae growth but also works against unsightly liverworts and mosses (bryophytes) that form thick, impenetrable layers on soil surfaces and can starve the soil of oxygen.

  • Physical action - covers unwanted liverworts with a thick coating which suffocates and desiccates them within just a few days
  • No active chemical ingredients – made from naturally-derived plant starches, proteins, oils and lactic acid
  • Works on hard surfaces like concrete and wood to prevent slippery and unsightly algae
  • Works on containerised plants to leave soil surfaces clear so that air-flow to the rootball is unimpeded and ensures healthy plant growth.
  • Safe to use on grass
  • Safe for pets and wild life 


Protecting your mature plants

You simply dissolve Mosskade in water and spray onto the surface of pot plants where unsightly liverworts cluster. Eliminates existing bryophytes and helps to keep them at bay in the long term. Mosskade only affects bryophytes, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your prize plants remain unaffected from the spray. Watch the video below.


Keeping hard-surfaces outdoors safe and attractive

Algae forms atop hard surfaces like decking, concrete or wood. Not only is algae unsightly, it’s slippery too, which can be dangerous and render walkways unusable.

Mosskade is easy to apply and you can get surfaces clean and safe in little time. Take a look at our video below for suggestions for outdoor use.


Directions for use

  • Mix one part concentrate to 7-10 parts water. Mix thoroughly.
  • Do not apply below 5°C (41°F) or above 25°C (77°F)
  • Do not apply when rain is expected or the coating will wash away before acting.
  • Apply thoroughly to upper and lower surface of liverworts
  • Avoid use in summer – this is when bryophyte-growth is most immune to Mosskade
  • Treat in early morning when humidity levels are at the highest


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Catalogue Number 1090-2213
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£17.49 each
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