Nectarine Tree - Flat - Doughtnut Shaped x1

£24.99 each

  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Attracts Bees

Easy-eating sweet flat, doughnut-shaped variety, with smooth skin. Grow this variety in full sun to get great harvests and super-sweet sun-ripe fruit.

Our fruit trees are expertly trained so they have strong main branches, ready to fruit heavily once planted and well-established. Our varieties are specially grafted onto roots that keep trees smaller for easier harvests, while maintaining impressive yields.

This popular and tasty variety is self-fertile (SF) so it flowers and fruits independently. They produce fruit, even when planted in isolation.

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Catalogue Number 1070-9394
  • Quantity 1x bare root tree

Delivery: Early November to Late April

£24.99 each
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