Resolva Weedkiller - Concentrate

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Westland Resolva 1Ll Concentrate is all you need when you need to dispatch garden weeds. Resolva 24H is a total revolution in weed control. This new technology combines the speed of a contact weed killer with the deep down root killing activity if a systemic weed killer. The results are simply amazing. Resolva 24H works so quickly that you can actually see effects in 24 hours so you really do know it is working. It actually speeds up the action of the weed killer so that you get great results fast. It uses the unique IQ technology, which combines glyphosate with a fast burn down herbicide in a formulation that’s designed to deliver the best results ever. Resolva 24H utilises improved surfactant technology so that the deep acting glyphosate ingredient penetrates the weed faster, reaching the root system quickly for faster results. It moves to the shoots and roots of the weed rapidly, ensuring complete destruction.

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Catalogue Number 1090-9146
  • Quantity 1x 1L bottle

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£26.99 each
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