SEER Rockdust Soil Improver 10kg

£9.95 each

Easy-to apply soil conditioner - Harness the power of 420 million year old volcanic rock!

See vast improvements in flower quality, crop yields, plant health and flavour. Rockdust contains natural volcanic minerals and trace elements that have been lost over thousands of years of soil erosion are put back into the soil, boosting the soil’s fertility and helping you to achieve amazing results.

It’s a natural ‘wonder stuff’; unlike synthetic fertilisers Rockdust feeds and boosts the essential microbial ‘engines of the soil’. Whether you want a fabulous display of flowers or the healthiest and best-tasting crops, Rockdust make an ideal addition to your soil.

Organically-approved add directly to raised beds, or containers including tubs, window boxes, compost bins and even wormeries.


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Catalogue Number 1090-2215
  • Quantity 1x 10kg bag

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£9.95 each
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