Vendome Traditional Planter 220L x1

£129.99 each

Traditional in style and solid in its construction, this smart planter has lots of capacity to hold both bedding and flowering shrubs for an outstanding year-long container display.

After the spring-display replant with summer annuals dotted with perennials or formal box topiary.

Made from preservative-treated pine which guards against decay, wood-burrowing insects and adverse weather in the long term.

This planter comes complete with a permeable liner which means your ornamentals and crops can take up water as and when they need it, in controlled amounts.

Capacity: 220 litres


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Catalogue Number 1090-2106
  • Quantity 1 full unit
  • Size H 50cm x W 120cm X D 60cm

Delivery: Early April to Late August

£129.99 each
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