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Eco-Sure Pond Clear Aqua Plus FAQ's

How frequently should Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus be used and how long does it last in the pond?

Many of our customers make one application and then see no more blanketweed for over one full year. Others keep blanketweed at bay for a few months with one application. However, a minority of pondkeepers need more than one dose to suppress blanketweed. Remember every pond is different.

What is the role of Nitrate (NO3) in pondwater?

The presence of nitrate in pondwater is the key to the growth of blanketweed and algae bloom. Our Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus products will take nitrate down to zero and, when that level is reached, the aforementioned algae will die from starvation. We advise that the nitrate level in the pondwater should be checked before the Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus  is applied and regularly checked afterwards to see how the level is dropping.

It makes sense to consider the application of maintenance doses of Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus. However, unlike recommendations for some other products, we do not suggest what these should be. We advise that nitrate levels should be regularly checked and used as a guide as to when more Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus should be added.

Many people see blanketweed dying back within 7 to 10 days. For most people it occurs within about 3 weeks but for some it takes longer. If, after this time, no noticeable change in the nitrate level has taken place, then apply a second dose. We now sell a simple to use nitrate test kit. It contains 10 dip strips for quick readings and no chemicals are needed.

What happens as the Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus starts to work?

The colour of the blanketweed starts to change from green towards brown. It also becomes brittle and pieces break off. Some people have reported that pH levels in the pondwater increase as the blanketweed dies.

Should the blanketweed be removed before applying Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus?

We would advise that as much of the blanketweed as possible should be wound out before the Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus is applied. This will reduce the need to clean up weed debris after it has died. It will also keep better control over rising pH levels.

Is Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus safe for fish and other wildlife? What about plants?

Yes, Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus is safe for fish. There is also no problem for other wildlife, eg newts and frogs. Additionally, Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus does no harm to plants.

However, because Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus reduces nitrate levels in the water, plants may grow less strongly. For example, leaves of, say, water lilies grow less vigorously but the bonus is that they should flower better.

What are the benefits of using Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus in ponds?

Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus Aqua gives three benefits to the pond keeper. It removes nitrate and reduces phosphate that feed algae in pond water. As a result, blanketweed (string algae) and algae bloom (green water) die of starvation. Secondly, it digests waste organic matter in the pond. Thirdly, Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus will improve the health, growth and disease resistance of fish.

How is Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus  applied?

Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus  is a dry powder. We advise that the appropriate amount be mixed into water and allowed to stand for a few hours. The water should be taken from the pond. Ideally, it should be mixed in the morning and applied to the pond in the evening. Also some air should be introduced into the solution via the use of an air stone or regular whisking. Never leave the solution for more than 24 hours before applying to the pond. Most people put the solution of Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus  directly into the pond although some put the concentrated solution directly into the filter.

Do pH levels affect Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus ?

We are finding that, in high pH water, Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus  seems to take longer to work.

How do water changes affect the effectiveness of Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus ?

Obviously as water is removed from a pond, the microbes in that water will be lost. However, because micro-organisms are always growing and multiplying as long as there is food and space available, those that remain in the pond will increase in numbers until a microbial balance is reached.

Is Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus temperature dependent?

Yes, Eco-SureTM  works best in water temperatures above about 10°C (50°F). However, it will work in lower temperatures but more sluggishly.

What effect does Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus have on nitrate and phosphate?

Eco-SureTM removes the nitrate arising from the biological filter. Nitrate is formed from the conversion of nitrite that in turn has been oxidised from ammonia. Nitrate can be reduced to zero within a few days and kept at zero by the action of the microbes in Eco-SureTM. Phosphate is also reduced but usually much more slowly. When the nitrate level in the pondwater is zero or very, very low there is no food available for the algae – either blanketweed or algae bloom.

Can Eco-SureTM Pond Clear Aqua Plus  be overdosed?

Eco-SureTM can be overdosed with no problem. It is organic not a chemical.  The only qualification is that enough oxygen should be present in the pond when Eco-SureTM  is used.


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