3 Tray Tiger Pet Poo Wormery - Purple

£74.99 each

  • Safe and clean design
  • Produce top-quality compost
  • All components and instructions included

Turn dog and pet poo waste into nutrient-rich vermicompost and liquid fertiliser for use around your garden as a soil conditioner and with flower and shrub beds.

For outdoor use under a shelter, the three-tray recycled purple plastic wormery comes with tiger worms, bokashi bran to speed up decomposition and lime mix, plus all you need to quickly and easily turn waste into garden goodness. Choose either to have 100 tiger worms included or a worm card voucher to order your worms at a later date.

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Catalogue Number 1090-6103
  • Quantity 1x Wormery

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£74.99 each
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