Acorn Bird Feeder

£9.99 each

  • Patriotic acorn design
  • With generous volume for feeding many birds at once
  • Made from durable metal
  • Fill with hair or wool for the nesting season 

Get hold of this durable metal Acorn Bird Feeder so you can add this touch of ‘Britishness’ to your garden. Acorns are the epitome of Britain. Simply twist off the acorn-cup base and fill the ‘acorn’ cage with peanuts, sunflower hearts or even nesting material like pet hair for birds to peck at and use for their own nests. (We recommend you fill with nesting material from early spring to around July.)

With handy suspension ring for hanging onto hooks or branches this fun yet functional feeder is ideal for clinging birds such as tits, woodpeckers and passing nuthatches if you live near woods or belts of trees.

Perfect for giving as a gift to the wildlife lover in your life.

Dimensions: Height: 22cm (8½in) x Diameter: 14cm (5½in).

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Catalogue Number 80500750
  • Quantity 1x Large Feeder
  • Size H:22cm (8.5in) x D:14cm (5.5in)

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£9.99 each
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