Aftercut All in One Lawn Treatment

£22.99 each

  • Greens in seven days 
  • Kills weeds and moss 
  • Conditions your lawn and nourishes 

Get a fitter, fuller lawn with this three-pronged lawn treatment which greens, feeds and weeds in equal measure. Simply sprinkle the contents in a purpose made lawn spreader at the start of the season in spring and once again in mid summer for healthy grass whatever the season. 

See your grass get greener in as short a time as seven days, conditioning and nourishing your lawn to its fullest. High in nitrogen this treatment works well for encouraging fresh new stems to appear making your lawn fuller and lusher and a joy to walk and rest on. 

We suggest you apply Aftercut All in One again in autumn if your lawn suffers from a heavy case of moss. You may notice that your lawn weeds grow fast after application; fear not, they grow fast and then they become distorted and wither quickly. 

Bag to cover 400 square meters (square yards)

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Catalogue Number 1090-2173
  • Quantity 1x 400sqm bag

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£22.99 each
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