Ageratum Timeless Mix - Seeds

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  • Good in pots and containers
  • Varieties suitables for cutting
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Attracts Bees
  • Colour-changing over the whole summer
  • Impactful long-stemmed variety
  • Great with ornamental grasses 

Choose Ageratum Timeless Mix, a floss flower mix of blue, pink and white powder puffs. These traditional favourites are now available growing on long stems so reach a height that combines them well with grasses and other tall flowers in high summer like echinaceas and heleniums.

Grown in pots you can place your colour-changing flowers in full sun or half sun, and move the pots around so that they follow the sun as the day progresses. Moving your pots also allows you to create subtle new displays in different parts of the garden.

This Ageratum Timeless Mix lends itself to nice cut flowers. Timeless Mix flowers on 60cm (24in) stems so cut easily and combine well with other flowers to put in vases over the summer so you can bring a bit of your garden in.

Useful tip:

Simply sow Ageratum in trays or modules in February to April and transfer seedlings to individual pots when they reach around 7-10cm (2 1/2 – 4in). Once they establish in their pots you can plant them in borders or pots in the garden from around May. In the north of the UK wait until early June.

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Catalogue Number 3021-0634
  • Quantity 400x Flower Seeds
  • Height Up To: 60cm / 24in

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£2.49 each
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