Albert Bartlett Gourmet Collection

£12.97 each

  • Will flower well in full sun
  • 3 x 1kg seed potatoes for 90+ mature tubers
  • Over 60 years UK farming heritage
  • Perfect for growing in sacks or directly in beds, great for large or small plots
  • Ideal long-cropping collection: enjoy harvests from June to December

Save £5 on lovely Albert Bartlett varieties Osprey, Apache and Isle of Jura; three tried and tested popular varieties that combine to give you the home grower an impressive harvest of fragrant potatoes from early summer right up to December.

Potato Apache (1kg pack):

Its red skin is dotted with cream coloured patches. It is small and round in shape with a slightly waxy texture and has a lovely, buttery flavour with a delicious aftertaste.

Potato Osprey (1 kg pack):

This second early variety is the one for potato salads in summer. With a waxy consistency Osprey holds its shape on boiling or steaming.

Potato Isle of Jura (1kg pack):

This maincrop potato is perfect for jackets and roast potatoes at the end of summer and going into the autumn when you are after something warming and homely.

Grow your seed potatoes in Gro-sacks, ideal for growing potatoes on patios or on the balcony or directly on the vegetable plot incorporating Pre Planting potato fertiliser to give your seed potatoes a great and promising start to their life.

Useful tip:

If you receive your seed potatoes before March place them individually in egg boxes and expose them to somewhere cool and light like in a greenhouse. This encourages the ‘eyes’ – the knobbly stem bases - to become stubby and thick which then gives you strong, thick stems once you plant them in sacks or in the soil in March.

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Catalogue Number 1050-6709
  • Quantity 3kg of Seed Potatoes, 1kg of Each Variety
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