Annual Herb Collection 1 x 5

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Create your own herb rack by growing the most popular of herbs. Freshly picked for your garden they are full of flavour from the sun, will enhance your cooking and provide added punch to meals without you having to spend money at the supermarket on dried herbs.

You receive one plant each of five herbs that have pride and place in some of the best meat, fish and vegetable recipes in the cook books. Here are the herbs you receive and what we recommend you use them in;

Basil Sweet Italian: Essential for Italian dishes, Basil is a highly decorative, aromatic herb whether grown on the windowsill or outside. Basil needs well drained soil and lots of sun.

Coriander: Coriander is a pungent, leafy herb which is used in full-flavoured Asian cooking.

Parsley Moss Curled A wonderful, versatile herb with a strong-flavour. We recommend you chopped Moss Curled parsley to add to a tabbouleh – a Middle-Eastern dish with fresh Mediterranean flavour.

Parsley Plain: Impress guests and try adding to home-made gnocchi for a fresh and almost grassy flavour. 

Dill: Both seeds and leaves are used as flavouring for lamb, fish and sauces. With a strong aniseed flavour, dill is also very attractive as a garnish.

Treated to full sun these herbs grow well putting out fresh and fragrance leaves ready for you to use in the kitchen. This collection makes the perfect addition to your kitchen garden and requires only a small space. We recommend you grow in two containers and check daily for watering.

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£7.99 each
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