Apple Braeburn - Apple Tree

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  • Self-fertile for gauaranteed harvests
  • Attractive spring blossom
  • Great storing variety

Apple Braeburn is an improved, superior selection with good colour and flavour. The aromatic fruit is sweet, crisp and juicy with excellent all round quality. It's self-fertile too which means you get guaranteed fruit even when your plant is positioned in isolation.

Grows in a wide range of soils and consistently gives the heaviest crops and best fruit size.

It has good flavour when grown in the right conditions, and stores extremely well. Keeps its super crisp texture in storage in autumn into March and April.

Rootstock: M26

Flowering Group: FG4

Years until fruiting from planting: 2

Age of tree at despatch: 2 years

Height at full growth: 3m/10ft

We may prune your tree before it arrives to your door. We do this to encourage your tree to branch freely which makes them better looking and more productive.

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Catalogue Number 1070-5631
  • Quantity 1x Bare Root Tree
  • Height Fully Grown: 3m/10ft

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£20.99 each
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