Apple Katy - Apple Tree

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  • Varieties that, in our selector's opinion, have exceptional flavour

An apple enjoyed by many for its easy growing and versatility. Katy is an apple that performs well in the ever changing British climate making it a popular choice for when gardeners choose an apple tree.

Katy produces apples with a distinctive appearance showing off producing a wonderful pale red appearance with flashes of green throughout. A medium sized fruit is produced on a tree that extremely juicy and offering a sharp taste.

A strong cropper means that gardeners have a great choice between eating fresh and cooking or juicing. You may be popular with friends or neighbours offering then some tasty apples as you have too much to eat.

Katy is also loved by gardeners who not only want an apple tree but are looking to add some colour to their garden as part of the process. The attractive pale blossoms with golden highlights offer a colour spectacle in your garden for a lengthy period of time.

If you have other trees in your garden Katy is also known as a strong pollinator for other trees. So a fantastic addition if you are looking to enhance surrounding trees.

Rootstock: M26

Flowering Group: FG3

Years until fruiting from planting: 2

Age of tree at despatch: 2

Height at full growth: 3m/10ft

Most of our trees are delivered as bare rooted specimens with approximate height of: 3.5ft - 5ft / 105cm - 140cm depending on the variety.

In order to ensure a good pollination pick fruit trees from within the same or from adjacent flowering groups.

We may prune your tree before it arrives to your door. We do this to encourage your tree to branch freely which makes them better looking and more productive.

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Catalogue Number 1070-5026
  • Quantity 1 bare root tree
  • Height Fully Grown: 3m/10ft

Delivery: 7-10 working days

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£23.99 each
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