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April 2017 Newsletter

April is that exciting time you plant your containers for your spring and summer garden, now your plants are arriving to your door from our nursery. Keep an eye on the weather; if spring has arrived you can start adding bedding and perennials to your flowerbeds outside too. We recommend you cover your young plants in the evening while it’s still cool at night with a warming fleece and uncover them in the morning.

Enjoy the start of spring and the mood-lifting sunshine.

The Unwins Team

Jobs to do

Sow and plant colourful flowers outdoors

Increase the flower power of your garden this season by sowing seeds outdoors. A wildflower meadow adds colourful flowers to your garden and attracts honey-producing bees and colourful butterflies. Bedding plants are a fantastic way to fill in empty spaces around shrubs and in the front of your flowerbed. Add sweet peas to your borders now too – for fresh fragrance and lovely blooms. 

Get the greenest of gardens with a perfect lawn

Get excellent and lush-green grass for a beautiful lawn this summer. A lovely green lawn makes your flowerbeds and containers so much more vibrant. Just follow these 5 simple tasks we recommend to get your lawn in top condition then you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

1)      First mow of the spring?- set your lawn blades to the highest cut to start with

2)      Attack lawn weeds – use a weedkiller to treat your garden- large or small

3)      Feed your lawn with a high-nitrogen feed to encourage fresh green growth

4)      Introduce air into the soil for good root growth for good stem growth

5)      Add grass seed to bare-patches

Prepare the soil for summer bedding

Now that the soil has started to warm up, roots are becoming more and more active and taken up more nutrients and water. There are some plants that are particularly hungry including roses, clematis and sweet peas.

You can add nutrients into the soil by adding soil conditioner like Organic Extra. Not only does this feed the roots for better-performing plants but improves the soil texture too for on-going soil health.

Prune late-summer flowering shrubs

Late summer-flowering shrubs like hardy fuchsias, buddleias and late-flowering clematis are ready for pruning now. They put on fresh growth this spring that will mature over summer and flower from July.

Prune stems of hardy fuchsias, buddleias, late-flowering clematis and grasses to around 5cm (2in) from ground level. This keeps the plants tidy, with lots of vigorous, disease-free young stems that reveal lovely flowers in summer.

Add wow and drama with summer-flowering bulbs

Summer bulbs lilies, dahlias, chrysanthemums and gladioli all add height and colour to your garden in late summer and you can plant them now in in your garden to start them off now that it’s spring.

Choose a compost suitable for growing bulbs like Westland Bulb planting Compost and add to several pots, like self-watering planters. Place bulbs around the pots and bury to around 4in (10cm). We recommend you place dahlia and gladioli bulbs in the centre of your pots and surround with bedding. In mid to late summer your bulbs emerge like fireworks for dramatic container displays.

Harden off young plants

Seed-grown plants and young plug plants perform well when you take them outside during the day and bring them in at night.

Bring the plants inside in the evening so they do not succumb to early spring frosts. Put them outside again the following morning.



Apply some pond care to get it looking great over summer

It’s time to get your garden pond looking great for the summer. Now that winter is over, there’s lots going on in the pond. Frogs will be spawning and fish are becoming more active.

Your pond is ready now to start treating with a solution to get the water clear and more importantly well-balanced, with just the right amount of oxygen-releasing bacteria for a healthy home for your fish. We recommend Eco-Sure Pond Clear by Envii, a ‘good bacteria’ treatment you simply dissolve in water and add to your pond. The bacteria brings the levels of nitrates right down, which starves the algae that makes your pond-water green and murky, making your pond well-balanced and clear again.

Raise your flowers, raise your spirits

See flower colour straight away as you step into your garden with handsome hanging basket displays. When flower-colour is at eye-level it instantly lifts your mood. Choose from our ready-selected and colour-coordinated Hanging Basket Mixes if you’re short of time or choose your own flower favourites from our wide range.


Charming colour mixes

Because it’s the Year of the Zinnia, Unwins wants to celebrate by giving you the opportunity to grow beautiful, bright and zingy varieties for your own garden. Try Zinnia Yellow Flame for hot summer colours or Zinnia Raspberry Lemonade for blooms perfect for cheery cut flowers for summer vases. At £12.99 for 24 plug plants, that’s less than 60p each for your free-flowering Zinnia plants which will fill 2 12in (30cm) containers nicely.

Try these colourful varieties from Unwins...


Calibrachoa Ka-blooming

Calibrachoa Kabloom-ing Brilliant is a fantastic bedding plant for containers and hanging baskets. The plants are free-branching, which means they naturally give you more flowers per plant.




Begonia Illuminations Apricot Twin Pack

These are the best Trailing Begonias we've ever grown, super vigorous and with a profusion of lush healthy blooms cascading in wave upon wave of colour right through summer.




Tangerine Twist

This beautiful basket collection comprises 6 pre-selected hanging basket varieties, expertly chosen to provide you a season-long decadent display of stunning colour to enhance your garden.


Pest & Disease Watch Slugs and Snails

Slugs and snails don’t miss an opportunity when young growth is emerging from the flower beds.

They love the fresh young green leaves of emerging plants and if it’s wet, (and that’s what April is renowned for) they come out in big numbers and wreak havoc on a big scale.

Nemaslug is a nature-friendly solution where you add soil-occurring nematodes (these are like microscopic worms) to water and apply them to the soil in your flowerbeds or pots. As the majority of slugs live beneath the soil the nematodes attack most of your slugs before they can get to your plants.

April News

Get in early for Easter

Avoid the Easter rush and crowds at the garden centre by ordering Unwins plants online now. You’ll get dozens of plug plants of beautiful bedding and salad plants delivered straight to your door ready for you to plant at the just the right time of the year for impressive displays for the rest of the year.

See our wide range of flowers in all colours and sizes which suit your tastes perfectly.



RHS Cardiff Flower Show, 7-9 April

The first outdoor flower show of the season has its venue in the lovely grounds of Bute Park, Cardiff. See a beautiful variety of award-winning daffodils, the flagship flower of spring as well as other stunning spring flowers and great garden designs, based on ideas you can take home and try for yourself.



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