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April 2018 Newsletter

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Are we finally seeing signs of spring? Yearning for actually being able to go outside to appreciate your spring flowers? We know how you’re feeling. Now that spring is finally in reaching distance though it’s time to order the plants you need for your best summer yet and treat yourself to the tools for making light work.

Let us know what you’re looking forward to this year. Planning on trying something a little different. Read our newsletter to get inspiration and fingers crossed the sun will make more of an appearance now it’s April.

Happy Easter from the Unwins Team!

Our Top 4 Tasks for the Month


April 2018 Newsletter Jobs 11) Give forsythias a hair-cut

Prune forsythias with a good pair of secateurs when they have finished flowering. Simply cut the flowered stem to a junction on the branch low down on the shrub and keep in place the green leafy stems which will develop over the summer and form flowers next year.



April 2018 Newsletter Jobs 22) Seed success

Sow hardy annual seeds in the April. Pot marigolds, gypsophila and sunflowers are all suitable for getting in the ground now. We recommend you grow in pots so you can move them around to follow the sun for maximum flowering.



April 2018 Newsletter Jobs 33) Love your lawn

Time to give your lawn some TLC. Give it a mow on a high blade for an initial cut and repair any bare patches by sowing fresh lawn seed. Feed and weed your lawn with an effective lawn fertiliser and give your grass a great start to the season.



April 2018 Newsletter Jobs 44) Divide and conquer

Lift the clumps of winter flowering plants like snowdrops and divide them into sections to place around the garden where they will bulk up and give you a bigger and better flower display next year. We recommend you water your plants when positioned into their new spots.




Influential plants for your garden

April 2018 Newsletter Influential Plants


The Sweetest of Peas

Sweet peas are garden favourites we all adore. So simple in design, yet elegant and sophisticated they provide wonderful colour as well as the most beguiling scent.

At Unwins we offer different varieties and sweet pea types including Modern Grandifloras with large stems and wonderful scent as well as historical Spencer types with stylish wavy edges to every petal.



Here we suggest three beautiful collections for your summer garden; 

Sweet pea Modern Grandiflora Mix - Bred from the older Victorian "Grandiflora" sweet peas, these rare, modern varieties are the ones to grow - all the varieties in this collection pack a real perfumed punch!

Sweet pea Apple and Blackberry Mix - Unable to buy elsewhere, this refreshing and zesty mix brings together much-loved sweet pea chloranthus, the original Sweet Pea Cupani and a fragrant, heirloom lavender sweet pea.

Sweet pea Flower Arranger’s Blend - You can have bright blooms for your garden border or you can cut them and create top quality displays to show. With exceptionally long and sturdy stems there is no end to the pretty bouquets you can create.


Keep an eye out for pests


April 2018 Newsletter Pest DiseasesRosemary Beetles

These insects look a bit like ladybirds but instead of spots they have jade-green, almost shimmering backs. Alas they are fairly camouflaged on rosemary stems and leaves. If your rosemary, sage, lavender or thyme plant looks a little worse for wear it may be under attack by rosemary beetles.

This pretty insect may look the part on rosemary plants and related herbs like sage, lavender and thyme but they cause devastation if left to run riot on your much-loved herb plants. Controlling this pest is best done manually, either picking off individual beetles or shaking the plants and placing newspaper beneath to collect the beetles and larva.


Inciting Facts 


April 2018 Newsletter News 1The perfect jobs to do Easter weekend

If you need to work up an appetite for Easter Sunday lunch (or indeed need to work Sunday lunch off) then take a look at these perfect activities for preparing the garden this spring. From luxury lawn care to easy pruning of your favourite flowers.

Read our blog on eight excellent ideas



April 2018 Newsletter News 2Feel the joy of Geraniums 

Order tender geraniums now and fill your garden with dependable, traditional flowers pleasantly and nostalgically scented. They look great in their own right and partnered with other great flowers. Arriving to you in plastic pockets your plants have their very own mini-greenhouse which gives them the humidity and light they need before planting.

Read about more ideas for geraniums in the garden


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