Asparagus Mondeo Crowns x10

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  • Will flower well in full sun

Great-value collection of 10 plants- SAVE £2.99 on buying this rather than 2 x 5 plant packs. Mondeo has excellent flavour delicious when steamed and with a little butter.

Male-hybrid Mondeo produces stout spears with tight tips you get good substantial spears with a delicious bite.

Shows great disease resistance and produces plants with attractive tall ferny growth. We recommend you leave to develop for a few years to establish.

From five crowns you can expect around 100 spears every year. To achieve this number leave your asparagus to grow and develop for its first three years. You can pick around 5% if you can’t wait to harvest in the first or second year, but patience pays dividends in the end.

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Catalogue Number 1080-6081
  • Quantity 10x Asparagus Crowns

Delivery: Late March to Late April

£14.99 each
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