Asparagus Pacific Duo with Harvest Knife

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  • Varieties suitables for cutting
  • Will flower well in full sun

Make asparagus a welcome addition to your vegetable plot; that wonderful speciality you may be familiar with in the vegetable aisle at the supermarket. Only when you grow them for yourself you get lots of spears and avoid the big price-tag in the process. 

This asparagus duo gives you two asparagus types; thick, dark Pacific Purple and sweet slim green Pacific 2000. 

Pacific 2000

A variety bred for its natural sweetness which means you can enjoy it raw or cooked. Pacific 2000 is particularly tender, producing slim tight spears which we recommend you cut and add to salads to give them a satisfying and rare flavour.


Pacific Purple 

Thick purple spear, naturally sweet and full of anti-oxidants. Pacific Purple lends itself to blanching, (where you lift the soil around the spears as they grow) turning them white, perfect for the discerning palate. 

At delivery you receive your asparagus as crowns. At this stage they are at the perfect stage in their development to give you fast-growing and well-establishing stems. 

In year three cut spears for three-five weeks only then leave spears after to develop into visually-pleasing and tactile ferns. In following years you can afford to cut spears for an eight week period. 

For healthy and happy spears we suggest you give them a free-draining yet rich soil which you can achieve through a good amount of bulky rich compost to the soil before planting.

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Catalogue Number 1080-6085
  • Quantity 20 crowns, 10 of each and a Harvest Knife
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