Aubergine Seeds - Patio Mix

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  • F1 Hybrids are crossed varieties that are exceptionally vigorous and longer lasting
  • Will flower well in full sun

An attractive mix of aubergines giving a variety of colours, markings and shapes. Perfect for growing in the greenhouse or in a container on a sunny patio.

Gives high yields of tasty fruits when ripening in the sun. Includes varieties ‘Brilliant’, ’Pinstripe’ and ‘Ivory’.

These F1 hybrid varieties naturally ensure strong, free-flowering plants which are resistant to disease.

Here’s how to sow seeds for successful germination…..

1)      Fill a 6-9cm pot or cell tray with seed compost – which is light and contains a small but balance level of nutrients in the soil. Overfill the pot or cell trays and strike excess soil off so that the seed tray is filled to the top with un-compressed soil.

2)      Water soil from underneath by placing the tray in a container of water, letting the soil absorb the water from underneath. After about two-to five minutes remove from the container of water.

3)      Press the seed into individual cells or pots the soil to a depth of about 2cm using a dibber or pencil.

4)      Cover the seeds with more of the seed-compost.

5)      Water above with a watering can with sprinkler (rose) and add fungicide to the first watering to guard against damping off.

6)      Label and date the seeds and place in a cool light place.

7)      Pot up in gradually larger containers as the young seedling grows and develops true leaves.


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£3.99 each
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