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August 2018 Newsletter

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Pottering in the garden or having fun outdoors is high on the priority list this month. Chances are that it’s a little too hot for gardening all day long or for carrying out strenuous job. So the priorities this month lie with a little bit of maintenance here and there and planning next season’s garden over a relaxing drink in the shade with an inspiring catalogue (see Inciting Facts below).

A summer like this doesn’t happen all too often so soak up the sun and enjoy the sights, sounds and scents of your summer garden.


The Unwins Team

Our Top 4 tasks for the month

August News 2018 Article 1A cut above

Trim box balls, hedges, cones and trees clipped into shape (topiary) while summer is in full swing. This will encourage young, fresh leaves to develop, filling in any gaps and holes that are spoiling the overall look.

Feed weekly with a liquid feed, high in nitrogen to encourage young leaf growth which in turn makes your boxes, bays and rows more compact and better furnished with leaves.



August News 2018 Article 2Timely lawn rescue

Water a solution of nematodes onto your lawn in the morning as temperatures rise. In August the soil is warm enough to allow biological nematodes to make their way into the soil and seek out chafer grubs – the larva of cockchafer beetles responsible for damaged lawns.

Added this to your lawn now gives you one fewer job to think about in autumn when you can be carrying out other fun, planting tasks of bulbs and autumn bedding.



August News 2018 Article 3Clear waters

Full sun and high nutrient levels (caused by silt, rotting leaves and organic matter) cause algae to become a big problem in ponds. The water becomes thick, green and gloopy.

You can rectify this by adding good bacteria to the pond (we recommend Eco-Sure) and skimming off leaves on the pond surface. If your pond is flush with the level of the lawn, place a tarpaulin over it while mowing so bits of grass don’t fly into your pond.



August News 2018 Article 4Think ahead while chilling out

When it’s tools down and coffee time (or something a bit stronger!), find some shade and peruse the Unwins catalogue for ideas for autumn and going into the next season.

Make use of the early-bird offers we have on potatoes and vegetable plants. You’ll be securing your stocks from the greatest choice of products plus saving money.



Influential plants for your garden

August News 2018 Influential PlantsEasy-grow edibles

There is still time for you to enjoy potatoes of your own this year. Just plant them up in Gro-Sacks, water the sack each day and harvest them in autumn once the stems die back.

You can plant up strawberry runners now too in containers, troughs or even hanging baskets. They grow their leaves over the coming autumn and winter and then produce more fruit from earlier next summer, than if you plant them the following spring.


Keep an eye out on pests

August News 2018 Searing SunThe searing sun

Not a pest granted – but the effects of relentless high-pressure and sunny weather can take its toll on plants as well as garden wildlife. If you notice some of your plants are looking thirsty or parched you can help them by watering to the roots (see our Root Watering Spikes), water a bed thoroughly in the morning and place a mulch of GroSure Smart Ground Cover to keep the water in.

Be wise to water the plants that get thirstier first. Put certain plants to the back of the queue when watering including sedums, sun roses, Mediterranean herbs like rosemary and established shrubs, concentrating first on watering containers, bedding, hanging baskets and edibles.

Inciting Facts

Take time out with the NEW catalogue (out August 2018 News Cat imageAugust)

When it’s time to take a coffee break be sure to read the new Unwins catalogue which highlights NEW plants for your garden, the best of gardening tips and wisdom with our NEW introductory pages plus familiar varieties you love and rely on.

Make sure you take advantage of the early bird offers.


August News 2018 Show Stopping Gardens

Show-stopping gardens from easy-plant bulbs

Get a spring garden that looks professionally-designed, just from planting tulips and other spring-flowering bulbs.  

Secure stocks of those easy-plant daffodils and tulips that comes in an impressive range of colour and form. Dramatic or sumptuous autumn-planting bulbs are easy to order now, then plant in a month or so to create a colourful display in spring.


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