Autumn Garlic Duo Pack

£6.99 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Four large bulbs to give around
  • Around 20 cloves turn into 20 full bulbs
  • Purple and white variety for different flavours
  • Specially-bred to grow well in the UK
  • Arrives to your door ready to split and plant cloves
  • Perfect for storing and using as you need them for months
  • Plant in containers, planters or directly in the soil

Get big harvests of garlic bulbs containing fat and healthy cloves in mid-summer by planting in autumn and letting the bulbs settle in the soil overwinter. You receive two bulbs each of garlic Early Purple Wight and Iberian Wight to your door and they are ready to plant straight away in planters or directly into you soil.

We chose a purple variety and a white variety to give you the maximum amount of flavour and variance in your home-grown garlic.    

Early Purple Wight (2 bulbs containing around 10 cloves in total) Planted in autumn you can lift the bulbs from the end of May in the south of the UK and from early June in more northern areas.

Iberian Wight (2 bulbs containing around 10 cloves in total) Excellent soft-neck variety, good fried, roasted or sautéed in the kitchen and perfect for storing in a cool position for supplies over the summer and into autumn.

Useful tip

At harvesting plait your bulbs up with the stems if you have a glut and hang from a hook in the shed. They will last you for months if they are somewhere cool and dry.

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Catalogue Number 1040-6114
  • Quantity 4x Garlic Bulbs, 2x of Each Variety
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