Autumn/Winter Booster Wild Bird Food Seed Mix 12.5kg

£22.99 each

Give your garden birds the perfect bird seed mix to see them over harsh winters. Specially formulated to include seeds which offer maximum energy for vulnerable small birds, this mix helps them survive the colder months.  

Small birds like robins and blue tits rely heavily on bird food in winter when natural food sources are scarce – fruit from the trees have finally rotted and insects are hidden away hibernating.

Reward charming garden birds with this mix which contains millet, sunflower and peanut fragments suitable for all beaks. We’ve added oil to the mix too for essential fats that promote strong downy feathers essential for keeping birds adequately insulated.

Suitable for all seed feeders and for scattering on bird tables, keeping birds like robins fed as well as finches, tits and blackbirds.

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Catalogue Number 80100160
  • Quantity 12.55kg bag of Winter Booster

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  • £22.99 each
    • Quantity: 12.55kg bag of Winter Booster
    • Catalogue No.: 80100160
  • £8.99 each
    • Quantity: 2.5kg bag of Winter Booster
    • Catalogue No.: 80100170
£22.99 each
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