Autumn/Winter Booster Wild Bird Food Seed Mix 2.5kg

£8.99 each

  • Give the birds in your garden more energy
  • Contains millet, sunflower and peanut fragments
  • Will fill an average feeder 5 times

Description: Give the birds in your garden the ideal bird seed mix to look after them over cold winters. Specially formulated to contain seeds which give vulnerable birds maximum energy, this mix helps make the difference between life and death.

Little birds such as robins and blue tits depend heavily on bird food in winter when food sources in nature are limited – tree fruit has finally rotted on the ground and insects are tucked away hibernating.

Give charming garden birds this mix which contain millet, sunflower and peanut fragments fit for all beaks. We’ve added oil for essential fats that establish strong downy feathers vital for keeping birds warm.

Unwins 2.5kg pack will fill an average feeder five times at least giving your garden birds the food they need.

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Catalogue Number 80100170
  • Quantity 2.5kg bag of Winter Booster


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£8.99 each
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