Baby Victorian Bell Cloche

£9.99 each

  • With roof ventilation
  • Pre-set holes for pinning to the soil
  • Enjoy a greenhouse environment for small plants
  • Reuse and recycle year-round
  • Baby-bell jars ideal for bedding flowers 

Protection from weather and protection from garden pests.

Hark back to reminiscent Victorian-era glass gardening with this pack of three bell jars; equally effective in warming up the soil for earlier crops, protecting your crops from slugs and other pests as well as creating an environment that exploits optimum sunlight. Your jars are equally effective as glass but with added advantages. They are lighter, less breakable and cheaper than their glass counterparts.

Your bell-jar cloches are rounded to capture maximum sunlight, essential for effective plant growth. Just pop them over and fix them into the soil with metal pegs using the handy pre-set holes.

Ideal for placing over small, leafy salad crops, herbs and ornamental flowers through spring to protect them from a late frost or April showers. In winter these bell-jars are ideal for offering protection to Oriental winter salads.

Your plants get the oxygen they need even when covered thanks to the manual roof-vents you can open and close with the simple flick of your fingers.

Useful Tip:

Protect prized alpine plants too from the rain and dampness by covering them with the bell-jars during periods of bad weather, fog and mist. Alpines can tolerate very low temperatures but not a combination of cold and damp, which these bell-jar cloches will naturally protect against.

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Catalogue Number 1090-5758
  • Quantity 3x Cloche Bells
  • Size 20 x 25 cm

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£9.99 each
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