Bay Tree Laurus nobilis - x1 Half Standard Tree with planter

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  • Good in pots and containers

Add this impressive Bay Tree to your plot as an attractive and formal lollipop tree. It's decorative as well as culinary and arrives complete with a planter included worth £14.99!

Our Half Standard Bay trees are approximately 1.2m (4ft) tall above the pot, with a 30cm (12in) diameter head on a sturdy stem.

With its definitive dark green ‘lollipop’ head, your Bay Tree Laurus nobilis adds symmetrical formality to your garden style, especially when it's planted by your front door.

As well as being a favourite for topiary, Bay leaves are widely used fresh or dried as a culinary herb, all of which makes this Mediterranean versatile plant a perfect addition.

Bay Trees thrive in containers placed in a sunny spot. They are easy to look after and don't even mind poor soils.

We recommend you just clip the leaves into shape during summer and give an occasional liquid feed if you notice the green start to take on a yellow hue. 

Please note: Bays trees have been clipped for the winter as part of healthy maintenance and due to the nature of the product and the transit process, the leaf canopy may not be as established as the trees pictured.

During the spring and summer the trees will produce new leaf growth and the leaf canopy will continue to get bigger.

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Catalogue Number 1150-1143
  • Quantity 1 Bay Tree (5ltr Pot) with Planter
  • Height 1.2m (4ft) tall above the pot

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£34.99 each
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