Begonia Santa Cruz Sunset - 24 Plants

£16.99 each

  • F1 Hybrids are crossed varieties that are exceptionally vigorous and longer lasting
  • Good in pots and containers
  • Good in hanging baskets
  • Will flower well in full sun

At less than 75p per free-flowering plug these bold and fiery Begonia Santa Cruz plants are smothered in blooms in summer! Begonia Santa Cruz plants add massive impact to your garden when you want it most.

Enough plants to fill 2 12in (30cm) diameter hanging baskets. Fill lots of baskets to put up on walls all around your house for even more impact. 

The bonfire bright flowers are carried on bronzy stems from summer, right through to the frosts, to fill your baskets with cascades of colour.

Santa Cruz Sunset is the first of its type available from seed making it is a very cost effective way to fill your baskets with a cascade of intense colour.

Sunset has good drought tolerance and thrives in full sun or shade. No dead heading, making it very low maintenance.

How you receive your plants

Your 24 young flower plants arrive to you in a tray with a clear plastic lid which creates a lovely healthy humid atmosphere for your plants from when they leave our nursery to when they arrive to your door.

Can't plant straight away?

You can keep your young plants in their tray with the lid over for as long as 5-7 days so long as you make sure the soil part of your plants is kept moist.

All you need to do is keep them in a cool and light place like a porch or on an east-facing window. Keep away from direct sunlight while they are still in their covered case as they may get too warm which may hinder their growing.

Look to planting them in their permanent position with 7 days.

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Catalogue Number 5112-4078
  • Quantity 24x Large Begonia Plug Plants
  • Height 30cm / 11.8in

Delivery: Mid April to Mid May

  • £16.99 each
    • Quantity: 24x Large Begonia Plug Plants
    • Catalogue No.: 5112-4078
  • £19.99 each
    • Quantity: 24x Large Plug Plants, 2x Hanging Baskets
    • Catalogue No.: 5112-4109
£16.99 each
2 or more £14.99 each
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