Berberis thunbergii Atropurpurea-Japanese barberry-Hedge

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  • Will flower well in full sun

This is the purple-leaved variety of this thorny deciduous shrub. Small yellow flowers flushed with red appear before the deep purple leaves, in autumn the foliage turns a dazzling red and the plant is covered in bright red berries. It makes a great hedge suitable for any well drained soil.

Hedges within gardens create a softer, more wildlife friendly boundary and can provide a great seasonal display of flowers, berries and autumn colour. Even a small hedge can create your own little wildlife habitat. They can be close clipped or left a bit wilder, a mix of native varieties will give different periods of interest and a good nesting and winter food source for birds.

Planting distances vary from 30-60cm/1-2ft depending on the variety and the size of hedge required. For a denser hedge plant a staggered double row with 38cm/15in between rows and 45cm/18ins between plants.

All our hedging will be delivered as bare rooted bundles, with approximate height of up to 100cm/3.5ft depending on the variety.

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Catalogue Number 1150-3015
  • Quantity 10 Bare Root Japanese Barberry Hedge
  • Height Height 1-2m/5-6ft if unprunned

Delivery: Early November to Early May

  • £11.89 each
    • Quantity: 10 Bare Root Japanese Barberry Hedge
    • Catalogue No.: 1150-3015
  • £30.58 each
    • Quantity: 30 Plants
    • Catalogue No.: 1150-3031
£11.89 each
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