Berlandiera Chocolate Daisy - Seeds

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  • Chocolate scented
  • Super seed-heads in autumn
  • Ever-moving display of opening and closing flowers

Enjoy adding chocolate daisy Berlandiera to your garden. Every yellow flower opens up from an attractive bud in the morning for a lively display in your pots, troughs or flower borders. Very attractive to bees and hoverflies Berlandiera adds welcome animation to your garden.

They are a joy both visually and in scent as they emit a chocolately scent, especially in the evening. Be sure to position Berlandiera near a seating area so you can soak up the delicious scent and the bright vibrant blooms.

The dark black centres of these yellow flowers show off attractive eyelashes- a unique and rare quality of this half hardy perennial, returning every year to illuminate your flower beds. Cut some of the stems for flowers to add to vases and bring flower colour into your home.

Useful tip:

Simply sow Berlandiera between January and May in individual 9cm pots on the surface of the soil covered by a thin layer of vermiculite. When your seeds germinate keep them watered from below and mist the leaves. In May or June replant the seedlings and young plants in pots or troughs.

Keep the seed-heads on your plants; they are attractive and add texture to your flower garden. Cut flowers when they have seed heads as well as when they are in full flower for your indoor vases. In winter you may want to lift plants to bring them into a greenhouse for that bit of winter protection.

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Catalogue Number 3021-0637
  • Quantity 15x Flower Seeds
  • Height Up To: 25cm / 10in

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£2.99 each
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