Bio-Gro Black Gold Fertiliser 400g

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  • Natural seaweed based feed
  • Makes up to 800 litres
  • Promotes handsome harvests

The best foliar feed around.

Mix up the concentrate with water as advised on the tub and spray the solution onto the undersides and tops of your leaves using a spray gun. This gets nutrients straight to the leaves.

A great job to do in the morning when the stomata (tiny holes in leaves) are open and receptive to water and moisture. 

Spray guns, otherwise known as diffusers, are easy to buy or recycle old spray-gun cleaners, thoroughly rinsing out the gun first.

Perfect for leafy crops like lettuce and cabbage and an immediate tonic for plants such as tomatoes.

Bio-Gro Black Gold Fertiliser 400g is a natural, concentrated Seaweed fertiliser and plant health supplement. Fully soluble in water, a 400g tub will make up to 800 litres of super rich plant feed that you can spray onto the leaves of plants.

Bio-Gro Black Gold HS70 contains concentrated Sargassum extract. Its rich alginic acid content stimulates soil micro-organisms improving soil structure and water-holding capabilities.

BIG BENEFITS of Bio-Gro Black Gold :

Makes minerals and trace elements more available, enhancing plant health, correcting many plant health deficiencies

Stimulates and enhances immunological plant functions, reducing the impact of insect and fungal attack and disease

Increases anti-stress and natural repair capabilities, promoting healthy vigorous growth

The advantages of Black Gold's 4  Natural Plant Growth Regulators:

These play an important role in cell growth and the synthesis of proteins, carbohydrates and chlorophyll. PLUS- the plant health regulators have a huge impact on resistance to stress, pests and diseases, improving  the plants' immune systems.

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  • Quantity 1x 400g Tub
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