Blackcurrant Big Ben - Plants 2ltr pot

£14.99 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun

Big Ben is a superb blackcurrant with huge fruits - much larger than the fruits of most other blackcurrants. Bred specially for eating fresh the large fruits much sweeter than other varieties and once mature a plant can produce 4.5kg (10lb) of fruit! Big Ben is resistant to both powdery mildew and leafspot.

We have selected some of the best in new fruit breeding and these larger 2ltr potted plants are just raring to grow! They are more mature, will be quick to establish and quicker to fruit - giving an almost instant fruit garden later in the growing year. They are excellent for planting in any gaps you might have in the garden in high summer.

Delivered from late April as mature plants in 2ltr pots.

Can be planted all year round.


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  • Quantity 1 Plant in 2ltr pot

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£14.99 each
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