Blacksmith Wall Trough 24in

£27.99 each

  • Strong wrought iron wall trough, with attractive twist and wall-mounting eyelets
  • Includes quality coco liner for perfect soil moisture levels
  • Weatherproof black coated powder coated finish
  • Holds 19 litres of potting compost
  • H18cm x W60cm x D18cm
  • Five years guarantee

Add vertical interest to your garden with ease with this Blacksmith Wall Trough, a fantastic quality construction of attractive and weatherproof black-coated powder coated finish. With wall-mounting eyelets just attach to nails in the wall or fence add compost to the coco lined trough and plant with your favourite bedding, herbs or home-grown crops like strawberries.

The coco liner allows the compost to hold just the right amount of moisture, with excess water permeating through the liner so your plants are treated to soil water at just the right level for successful flowering plants.

Useful Tips:

We recommend that you get more than one Blacksmith Wall Trough so you can create stylish symmetrical displays framing a window or doorway. If you want to replace your displays simply remove the liner and empty out the compost and plants onto the compost heap. Replace the liner back into the trough.

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Catalogue Number 1090-7125
  • Quantity 1x 60cm Wall Trough

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£27.99 each
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