Blagdon Algae Control for Water Features

£8.49 each

  • Keeps unsightly algae away 
  • Use on all water features 
  • With self-measuring cap 

Algae Control for Water Features is a treatment specially formulated and manufactured by pond experts, for the successful maintenance of water features in your garden. The 250ml solution works at getting rid of unsightly algae, turning the water feature back to the original design you had in the first place.

Algae Control for Water Features comes in a 250ml bottle and treats up to a 625 litre or 137 gallon pond and ensures the fast effective maintenance of a superbly running garden water feature to enjoy throughout the year.

Water features are quite the trend: from barrels to fountains to pools decorated with pebbles. Water features are often organically-rich which may lead to unbalanced and unhealthy 'bio-fouling' and cloudy water. Algae Control for Water Features has been specially designed to stem the fast growth of algae which soon becomes unruly. This solution keep your water feature looking good all year through.

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Catalogue Number 1090-7104
  • Quantity 1x 250ml Bottle

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£8.49 each
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