Blagdon Dirty Pond - Sludge Buster

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Reduces messy filter cleaning, pond silt and water-clouding and helps with ponds with low oxygen levels, recognised by sluggish and gasping fish. Reduces messy pond maintenance and harmful waste.

We recommend you use when your pond water is cloudy or has heavy waste deposits seen at the bottom of ponds.

Use after you have treated ponds against algae to help with increased levels of dead algae.


Calculate the volume of your pond by measuring the length, width and depth and putting in an online pond volume calculator

Tear sachet open and place contents directly into pond or filter.

Repeat the dose every two weeks to maintain low waste levels.

You receive:

4 x sachets, each treats 500 gallons/2274 litres of pond water (6x6x2ft) pond.

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Catalogue Number 1090-2237
  • Quantity 1x Kit of 4x Sachets

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£11.99 each
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