Blagdon Duckweed Buster 250ml

£12.99 each

  • Say goodbye to duckweed 
  • Natural good-bacteria solution 
  • With integrated measuring cap 

Fed up of the duck weed that totally covers your pond, stopping you from enjoying watching the pond-life within?

Duckweed (Lemna minor) a small floating plant that causes a dense carpet of foliage over the entire surface of a pond. This cuts out light, killing all other aquatic plant-life within the pond and seriously affecting the health of animals within including pond fish.

Blagdon Duck Weed Buster is a totally natural bacterial product which stems the growth of duckweed by adjusting the water’s chemical make-up and creating conditions which stop the spread of this unsightly and exasperating plant.

With a cap that measures and fills there’s no need to measure out in a measuring jug – freeing you of using additional pots and equipment.

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Catalogue Number 1090-7103
  • Quantity 1x 250ml Bottle

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£12.99 each
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