Blagdon Fresh Start for Ponds

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Eliminate chlorine toxicity in ponds that have been filled with tap water. This liquid solution includes aloe vera which acts like a liquid tonic to protect the delicate membranes of your prize fish. Fresh Start for Ponds also locks up toxic heavy metals to form that can’t affect fish.

Fast acting solution that treats 9090 litres (2000 gallons) or a 13x13x2ft pond. Distribute dose evenly around the surface of the pond.

We recommend that you use Fresh Start for Ponds once you’ve filled up a new pond for the first time or any time after you top up your pond with tap water.

Safe to use in fish ponds and wildlife ponds.

1 litre bottle with dose-measuring cap and instructions.

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Catalogue Number 1090-2233
  • Quantity 1x 1 Litre Bottle

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£18.99 each
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