Blagdon Pond Balance

£12.99 each

  • Controlled treatment
  • Harmless to aquatic animals including fish
  • No need for manual handling

Get your pond clear again and enjoy watching your pond life once again. A pond makes a happy mini ecosystem in your garden that’s a joy to watch and listen too if you have bubbling fountains or mini waterfalls. 

Blagdon Pond Balance changes the water chemistry of your pond safely and at a controlled rate, achieving a balance which helps to clear blanketweed while simultaneously promoting plant growth of your choice aquatic plants.

Blanketweed algae is the bane of a pondkeeper like you; its ugly green fibrous strands quickly chokes your whole pond putting the wildlife within including fish in danger.

Pond Balance puts a stop to your blanketweed problems without you having to expend energy in manually removing the blanket weed, or you damaging valuable plants and fish from manually removing it.

Harmless to filters and plants alike it really is the safe blanketweed treatment to rely on.

Treats up to 500 gallons / 2,273 litres of pond water.

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Catalogue Number 1090-7102
  • Quantity 1x Pond Balance Pack

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£12.99 each
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