Blagdon Water Quality - Ammonia Remover

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Liquid solution to remove ammonia, the raw waste excreted by fish and produced as a by-product to decomposing dead plants and organic matter within the pond.

Ammonia is very dangerous to fish and will kill fish is levels are too high and ammonia is not removed.


We recommend you test the level of ammonia in your pond with our Pond Health Test Kit.

Calculate the volume of your pond water in gallons or litres by noting the length, the width and the depth and putting in an online volume calculator.

Shake the bottle well.

Fill a bucket with your pond water and apply dose to bucket.  (1 x 25ml measure per 50 gallons of water). Mix well and then pour the bucket of pond water back into the pond around the pond surface.

Repeat the test after a couple of hours and re-dose until the level of ammonia is below 0.1mg per litre (as indicated on colour chart in Pond Health Test Kit).

You receive;

500ml bottle with dosage chamber cap (treats 1000 gallons/4546 litres in total)

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Catalogue Number 1090-2235
  • Quantity 1x 500ml Bottle
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