Blagdon Water Quality - Complete Pond Dip Test Kit

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Regular checks of your pond water should be part of your pond maintenance routine.  Bad water quality will affect the health of your pond and is the cause of many pond and fish problems.  Water quality problems are the most common cause of fish stress and disease and can be avoided by carrying out regular tests on your pond water.  Testing regularly will help to highlight any abnormalities which can lead to unhealthy environments and outbreaks of disease.

Testing the water quality in your pond is quick and simple with this complete pond dip test kit.  The main tests you will need to carry out are for ammonia, nitrate and nitrite and pH which are all naturally occurring in your pond.

Your filter is processing harmful waste excreted by fish and decomposing food and plant matter.  For great pond health your nitrate levels should be zero.  High levels of nitrate can cause algae problems but if you regularly use this pond testing kit you can always ensure your pond is clean, your fish are healthy and if not the detailed leaflet will guide you as to the recommended solution to improve pond health.

Fish are affected by any changes in water conditions and this will have a direct effect on their health and wellbeing.

Use the complete pond dip test kit to 

  1. Test the waters PH levels to see if it is acid and alkaline and also water hardness
  2. Ammonia levels it check your filter is effectively processing harmful waste excreted and produced by decomposing food waste.
  3. Check nitrate levels, this is key for algae growth
  4. Nitrites

When to use

Every three days during the critical early days,

Once a month to check the pond water is healthy

Use to check if there are any fish health problems.

How Do I Test My Pond Water

Using dry hands remove a strip from the tube without touching the pads.  Dip test into the pond 1 second for 5 in 1 test strips and 5 seconds for the ammonia test strips.  Compare to the chart strip to read your results.

Kit Contents

The kit contains 60 tests

1 x 10 ammonia test strips and 10 x test strips for nitrate, nitrite, ph and water hardness.

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£13.99 each
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