Blagdon Water Quality - Pond Health Test Kit

£12.99 each

Easy to use kit so you can test your pond water for yourself. A great-value way of giving your pond a health-check and find out what remedies your pond needs for clear and healthy water so your pond life thrives.

You receive:

10 tests each of the following factors that affect your pond;

Ammonia – toxic waste produce by fish. Can kill fish if levels are too high

Nitrate – End product of waste breakdown. Encourages algae to form

Nitrite – Toxic product of ammonia breakdown. Causes health problems in fish

Acid/alkaline levels – Incorrect levels stress and kill fish

2 x test tubes

1 x crusher

Basic Instructions – full instructions within pack (and remedy suggestions)

  • Take a small sample of pond water and add a test tablet
  • Crush and shake to dissolve to a solution
  • Match the colour of the solution to the colour chart for a reading
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Catalogue Number 1090-2230
  • Quantity 1x 40 Test Kit
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