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A rainy-day indoor job for greenfingers

02 May 2019 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Words: Patrick Wiltshire

secat pruneWhen gardening I like to have peace of mind that am leaving clean cuts on my plants to keep them healthy (right). If I'm taking cuttings I like to use a clean blade. It makes cutting easier and they are more likely to root.

So how do you keep blades clean and sharp? Easier than you think. Ask a local butcher; they might sharpen your tools for a small charge. If not, just buy a desk top sharpener and this will get the blades sharp and clean in no time.

Shear and Scissors Sharpener

secat scissorsThis is a great little gadget to attach to a piece of wood. You just need to screw the shears and scissors sharpener down in place through the holes in either side of the tool. There is a sharpening centre of tungsten carbite which you just need to pass the blades through in one direction while you hold the handles.

Use this for garden and edging shears to keep any topiary or hedges in top condition and with a super-sharp edge.

Not just for the garden either - this gadget keeps your kitchen scissors keen too. I give my scissors and shears a once over every month.

secatSecateurs sharpener

My secateurs stop my garden getting out of control. At the end of a season I go around the garden and snip off the flowered branches to keep my plants neat, tidy and well-ventilated so they are not as prone to disease which over-crowded bushes can encourage.

I need to keep the blades of my secateurs sharp to serve my shrubs well. I manage this with a little tool called the secatuers sharpener. I don't need to take it apart I just fix the sharp blade in the holder and move a silicon carbite sharpener back and forth across the blade. Easy.

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