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Aquilegias are at their best now.

27 May 2014 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Aquilegias are at their best now.

Aquilegias are putting on their best show at the moment. With a myriad of colours and flower shapes they are undeniably beautiful spring flowers.

Commonly known as granny’s bonnets; from the frilled, bonnet-like flowers of varieties such as Ruby Port and Nora Barlow.  Aquilegias are also often called columbines, because the flowers viewed from above look like five doves; (Columba is the Latin name for dove).

The Latin botanical name of aquilegia is thought to come from the spurs on aquilegia flowers that resemble eagles’ talons.

Aquilegias are easy plants to grow, thriving in most soils and positions from shady spots in woodland to hot gravel gardens.

The plants have long tap roots so mature and well established plants resent disturbance, but this isn’t normally a problem because young potted plants transplant well and all aquilegias self seed readily.

Different varieties often hybridise naturally, and unusually, the species aquilegias can cross with named varieties too. This can result in lots of interesting shape and colour combinations.

Aquilegia plants are almost pest proof; slugs and snails seem to ignore them and they are rarely troubled by aphids.

If you want to stock your garden with aquilegias it’s easy to buy young plants, Aquilegia Songbird is available as plants from Unwins.

You can also grow aquilegias from seed, again we have a good selection including Unwins long spurred McKana hybrids.  Buy named varieties and then, if you want lots of colour s and shapes allow them to cross naturally, you’ll be amazed at their diversity.

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